Yoga at work? Yes!


Whether in a corporate gym or conference room, yoga in the workplace offers so many benefits, including:


  • stress relief

  • reduced aches and pains

  • improved focus

  • increased productivity


After eight years in the corporate world, I understand the unique needs of clients who work in high-stress environments with prolonged sitting/computer work.


I am passionate about bringing yoga to the office and would love to learn more about yours. Let's connect!


I have been attending Jessica's class weekly for 3 months and I can tell you that it has been key in improving my physical and mental resilience. Jessica takes the time to understand her students. Her coaching method is one to help you understand yourself so you are fully aware of your direction of travel--easy to say and very hard to do without the investment of time. She has an aura almost like a gravitational pull that is compelling.

Anuraj B

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Details on classes and workshops are include each week in my Moment of Mindfulness newsletter.


For schedule updates, be sure to like my Facebook page.


For more info, contact me.

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